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Favor Hundreds of thousands of games are out there, and millions of people are downloading them on their mobile devices. One of the top downloaded games is Pixel Gun 3D. This is a multiplayer shooter game that is quite interesting and challenging. The challenge that many people face when playing this game is running out of the coins and gems. The coins and gems help you purchase better weapons, along with armor and other vital items in the game.
Unless you have plenty of them, you might not be as lethal as such on the battlefield. Also, some valuable items are locked and require you to go through the levels and accomplish specific achievements. As usual, this can be a tough process. That is why Pixel Gun 3D hack tool is there at your disposal

About The Hack Tool

This is a tool that helps you achieve more, with fewer efforts. It lets you enjoy your game without any limits. With this tool, you can have access to various resources in the game, which you couldn’t have accessed easily with the normal playing. This is one thing that makes the hack tool special. You also do not have to follow the gradual stages of the game.

How does it work?

You can access the Pixel Gun 3D hack tool in two ways; either by downloading it from the internet or using an online generator. With the hack tool download, you will have to visit a trusted source to avoid downloading a virus to your device. After downloading the hack tool, you can then generate the gems and coins as you wish.

The online generator works almost like the downloaded hack tool, but it only needs you to enter the code name and the number of gems or coins that you need. You won’t have to worry about downloading a virus. Also, you must ensure that you enter a valid Pixel Gun 3D username to get the gems and coins.

Features of the Pixel Gun 3D Hack Tool

Unlimited coins

The hack tool lets you choose the number of coins that you wish to generate to your profile. This way, you can play for as long as you wish. You can also purchase any armor or weapon that you desire. You simply need to choose the number of coins that you wish, along with the username. The hack tool will then generate the coins to your profile instantly.

Unlimited gems

The gems are the most precious and valuables items in the game. It lets you revive your character when you are killed on the battlefield. Also, the gems allow you to purchase some special weapons that are super lethal to your enemies. You will choose the number of gems that you need for your profile.

Flexible platforms

The Pixel Gun 3D hack tool lets you get you desired gems and coins, regardless of the platform that you use. The three supported platforms include iOS, Android, and PC. If you downloaded the game from Google Play Store, you can simply choose Android as the platform, and enter the number of coins and gems you want.

The hack tool is your key to accessing every resource that you ever desired in the game. You will not have to purchase the gems and coins with your real money anymore.

Benefits of the Pixel Gun 3D hack tool

This tool comes with a lot of benefits to the user. Here is a look at some benefits of the hack tool.

  • It is free to use and download. You will not have to pay any money to use the online generator or download the hack tool to your device. Plenty of trusted website are available, and they offer legit online hack generators for the game.
  • Unlimited coins and gems. The tool lets you decide the number of coins or gems you need for your Pixel Gun 3D game. With this, you will be sure of buying any weapon or armor that you need.
  • It supports different platforms. Whether you have the game on your iOS or you Android device, you can use the hack tool to generate the coins and gems. The PC game is also supported, so there is a wide coverage for all the top platforms.
  • It is easy to use. There is no special skills or experience needed to use the hack tool. All you have to do is to enter the correct Pixel Gun 3D username, the platform that you are using and select the gems or coins that you need.
  • You don’t have to download any foreign file. The hack tool comes either by downloading or by using the online generator. You can simply choose to use the online generator, which will eliminate the need for downloading a possible risky file.
  • With the Pixel Gun 3D hack tool, you can get through the levels with ease, and you will not have to spend any dollar to get to the top.
  • It supports any user. You can even surprise your friend with a gift of gems and coins, but you must be sure of their username. The hack tool doesn’t have any limits when generating the valuables.

    • This hack tool lets you play your game swiftly and do away with the stress of failing to achieve a specific target. Since you will have unlimited coins and gems, you can purchase multiple items that will grant you a lot of achievements. It supports various platforms, so you can ensure that each of your games have enough coins and gems.


      The Pixel Gun 3D hack is one tool that you need if you wish to play the game without limits. The tool lets you have access to any resource that you desire in the game. Whether you want to purchase the most expensive machine gun, the coins and gems will allow you to do so. It is free to use, so you will not be prompted to enter your credit card details so as to download or use the online generator. The process of generating the coins and gems is super easy and quick. It is advised to choose a trusted source when you decide to use the online generator, or if you wish to download it. Also, remember that some downloads might carry files that can be unsafe to have on your device.

      ]]> Hill Climb Racing Tips & Tricks Thu, 19 May 2016 15:38:23 +0000 hill-climb-racing-hack-coins-maxiesguides

      About Game

      Hill Climb racing is the most entertaining and addictive physics based driving game which is ever produced and an exciting game in which you pass through diverse ups and downs to end the mission. The player usually collects gasoline and coins during gameplay. This endless driving game comes with a lot of hurdles on the way and the player while playing game needs to be careful. The game has diverse cars and tracks that the coins are needed to unlock them. You can easily drive a truck, bike, bus, sports car and jeep. The tracks include countryside, deserts, Xmas, highway, Arctic, Cave and a lot of other exciting tracks. Additionally, for you to get proper control over the game, these vehicles need to be upgraded. For you to get coins, a player must play for a long period to get enough coins to unlock an item.
      As you’re playing this exciting game, you will have to take Newton Bill’s role, a young zealous hill climb racer. Usually, the mission is to overcome hard hill environments making use of different vehicles. With some respect to physics laws, Newton Bill won’t rest until the highest hills up on the moon is conquered by him! With little respect to the physics laws, Bill will collect fuel before he decides to run out of it to keep the race going and end his mission eventually.

      This game is really easy to learn however it takes some level of practice to master well. Its touch screen controls allow you to have great control of the car. Step on the pedal gas for increasing your car’s speed and taking it forward. You need to hit the left side of the brakes to slow down. Maintain your vehicle’s tilt when partially airborne to prevent hitting your head easily on the dirt. Grab each gasoline drop that you come across since your tank can only carry so much. You will then be taken through eleven distinct and exciting levels which include sandy deserts, country roads, and even on the moon surface. Be ready to drive forever since the trip will not end until you crash or run out of gas. You may begin with a jeep, however, you can upgrade always to your preferred vehicle.


      Some Hill Climb Racing Cheats and Tricks

      • Don’t try to leave the bridge at its full speed or you will likely take a deadly fall. Begin braking properly in advance to clear the last plank.

      • Obtain as many upgrades as possible.

      • Generally, it’s not a good idea to at a full speed hold the throttle down.

      • Gently jump the gas to clear steep climbs in order that your car can gently settle into the descent.

      • You can in the game, spend the money on three things: upgrades for your vehicle, new cars, and new landscapes.

      • Perform tricks to help you score more coins as the rewards are finally tallied up at the conclusion of each run.

      • Pick the red fuel canisters up that appear occasionally on the road because as you’re out of fuel the high-score attempt will finally end.

      You may probably be one of those players who are searching for Hill Climb Racing Cheats and Tricks that will help you in unlocking stages, upgrade and obtaining new vehicles and also to obtain unlimited coins. Try the above tips and see the difference!

      Boom Beach Hack Online | No Download Required Mon, 02 May 2016 09:51:05 +0000

      Please watch video tutorial before you continue!ONLINE HACK
      The Boom Beach Hack Tool gives players an opportunity to train troops faster, build up their army, and proceed to higher levels rapidly. Although Boom Beach can be played free of charge, the fun and excitement are multiplied when you have access to unlimited resources such as gold, diamonds, wood and stone.

      The game developer, Supercell, wants you to acquire these resources by making in-app purchases from the app stores. But if you don’t have the money to buy these resources or you want to develop your skills without the additional cost, you should take advantage of the Boom Beach hack online. Here is a short guide that reveals the features, benefits and other important things you need to know about Boom Beach cheats.


      The most recent version of the hack tool for Boom Beach has many impressive features that enable you to enjoy faster access to abundant game resources. This include:

      • Full compatibility with your PC, Mac, and mobile devices that use either Android or iOS.
      • Fast installation and automatic check for recent updates
      • Use of a private proxy server which cannot be detected
      • New anti-ban system is included to prevent your Boom Beach account from being banned
      • New resource generation algorithm ensures faster generation of diamonds.

      About Game

      Boom beach is really awesome game it is similar to clash of clans but must of people say it’s much better. The gameplay may be similar but when you look deeply you will see that everything is different from graphics, sound, battles…
      Graphics in game is better then CoC and improved, the good engine makes it look nice and render fast so you don’t need to have better device to play it. When it comes to a sound it’s really amazing thing they done, the effects are amazing and game music too. Also you will be able to grow up much bigger army and dominate your land and invade others. While you exploring map don’t go too far cause other gamers can attack you and destroy your base. If we talk about Diamonds you can buy them or earn they by exploring new places and discovering hidden treasures. But with our boom beach cheats you will be able to dominate game. It is free to play which is awesome thing, it becoming even more popular because of that. The only drawback is, it is not available for Android but we hope it will be soon cuz there are more people using Android than iOS.

      The Download Version vs the Online Version

      Two types of hacks are available for Boom Beach cheats. The online version (which does not require downloading of software to your phone and the download version which comes as a Boom Beach hack APK for Android-based mobile devices and other formats that are compatible with PC’s, Mac OS, and iOS devices.

      The major advantage of the online version is that you don’t have to download or install any software to your computer or mobile phone. Thus, you will not need to bother about updates or special system requirements. All you need to do is to provide your Boom Beach username and specify the number of diamonds, gold, and wood you want. As soon as the resources you need have been generated, you can run the game app on your mobile device and you will be able to use them. However, most online hack providers will require you to complete a survey each time you want to generate more diamonds, gold and other resources for Boom Beach Cheats.

      On the other hand, the downloadable version requires you to download software to your mobile device or your computer. In some cases, you may be required to download and install a program on your computer (Mac or PC) first before connecting your mobile device to install the app that will generate the diamonds you need. However, with the download version of the Boom Beach Hack no survey is required each time you want to generate more diamonds. The only drawback here is that most downloaded software will come with adware.

      Benefits of Using This Hack Tool

      The major advantages of using the generator include:

      • Capacity to Generate Unlimited Resources: You can use the hax to generate an unlimited amount of diamonds, gold, and wood. However, you are not supposed to use the generator in a selfish and immature manner; you should use it with moderation so other players can enjoy the service as well.
      • Full Optimization: The full compatibility with all PCs, Macs, and mobile devices means that you do not need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, or root your Android device in order to use this software.
      • Easy to Use: The hack is simple to use and can be downloaded and installed easily without any technical knowledge of hacking, coding or programming.
      • Time Savings: Diamonds can now be generated within 5 minutes as opposed to the 15 to 20 minutes that was required to generate them in the past. So you will have more time to play the game.
      • Cost Savings: Using this hack saves you a lot of money, which you could have spent purchasing the diamonds through an in-app purchase.

      How to Use this tool

      If you love playing Boom Beach and you want to get better at this popular video game, you’ll benefit from learning how to utilize online generator.
      Here are some useful tips players can use to become a master of this game. They can use barrages and artillery to blow up boom mines. They can calculate their losses when attacking. They should skip attacking when they lose more. They should not place defenseless building structures such as residence and storage in front or near their defensive buildings as their enemies can destroy those structures easily. Another useful tip is upgrading the radar as quick as possible so that players can see islands around them that they can attack. If you upgrade radar more, you will get more options to give your attack on bases. Upgrading might require players to have more diamonds and other gaming resources.

      Is it Safe to Use Boom Beach Hack Android?

      Many new players, who have read the terms of service (TOS) of the game developers, are usually afraid of being banned due to violation of the TOS. However, with the improvement in the anti-ban technology and the effectiveness of the proxy servers used for the hack tool, you can use it with peace of mind. However, you should note that attempting to generate diamonds in excess of 14,000 units per day could trigger a red flag and get your account banned.

      How to Spot a Fake Cheats

      The first sign that a exploit will not work is the number of diamonds that the tool allows you to generate. Bear in mind that there are currently five allowable values of diamonds that you can generate at a time. These values are linked with a complex verification process on the Boom Beach Cheats website server. A hack that allows you to simply type any amount apart from these figures will not work properly. Even if you successfully generate the diamonds and they are credited to your account, your account will be at risk.

      A hack provider that attempts to collect personal information before allowing you to generate your diamonds can put you at risk. You only need to provide your username. So anyone who asks for your email address, social security number, or phone IMEI has an ulterior motive. However, if you must fill survey forms, you may need to part with some personal information. This means that you must decide whether your private information is worth exchanging for the free diamonds you want to receive.


      Using a Boom Beach Hack iPad can provide you with a steady supply of gold, wood, stone, diamonds and the opportunity to storm the beach, train your troops and defeat the evil Blackguard within a relatively short time. Thus, you will be able to develop advanced skills and techniques for playing the game. You will also have more fun as you play with more experienced players and save a substantial amount of money in the process.

      Player Experience

      One of the most notable characteristics of Boom Beach, and perhaps a factor that gives it an edge against other action games, is that it is rich in choices of strategy. The pre-battle strategy, real-time attack and timely support blend in to form a uniquely engaging gaming experience that other games in app stores can’t easily catch up with. The combat system grants you greater control over your own fate.
      In-app purchases are available for players who want to advance faster. The good thing about these in-app purchases is that they are not heavily promoted like in the case of other games.
      There is plenty of violence with the wide assortment of arms including guns, mortars, flamethrowers and other weapons. There is no sight of blood but there are shouts of agony whenever characters get hurt.


      Boom Beach is more or less a clone and modernized version of Clash of Clans; that’s not to say it lacks in new thrill. Some players point out that the game’s requirements are ever growing thus the pace of progression is slowed down. All in all, Boom Beach is a kid-friendly game that sets itself apart with fascinating battle experience. Boom Beach is kid-friendly in that despite playing against strangers, there is no interaction whatsoever among players besides trying to destroy another player’s headquarters and raiding each other’s beaches. It is a game that creatively puts together freemium (Free Premium) elements, base building and combat in order to create a compelling game that will keep you glued to it for longer and frequently keep coming back for that “one more play”. Boom Beach has its place in the competitive gaming world.

      What is Boom Beach, Anyway?

      This game is delightfully addictive and many people all over the world enjoy playing Boom Beach on their smartphones or other mobile devices. During gameplay, you’ll battle the nefarious Blackguard, by using every bit of your cunning and brute strength!
      This is a combat strategy video game and it is all about attacking enemy bases in order to liberate islanders who are forced to work as slaves. When you play the game cleverly, with skill and finesse, you’ll uncover all of the secrets of a tropical paradise!
      Players create task forces with other players from all around the globe, with a mind to fighting a common enemy. Once you’ve scouted the region and created a battle plan, you’ll be ready to Boom the Beach!

      Clash Royale Hack Online | No Download Sat, 30 Apr 2016 16:26:08 +0000 lol
      Clash Royale is probably one of the most popular mobile games of the modern generation with a user base spanning over millions across the globe. Due to its high level of competitiveness, earning the necessary resources like silver, gold, and magical chests may seem like an overwhelming task to many players. These resources are required for winning victories, but getting them in the game is not a walk in the park.

      For people like you who do not want to spend dozens of hours glued to the mobile screen just to get resources, you can only use Clash Royale Hack to bypass the game’s tedious leveling up process.


      Clash Royale Hack has a large number of exciting features that can help the player in winning battles and progressing further in the game. By giving you constant access to unlimited amount of resources, you can bypass the frustrating method of farming for gems, day in and day out, to level up instantly within just a few hours. Not everyone has the means of devoting hundreds of hours to the game, which they just play for fun.

      This hack apk will help you immensely to make the gaming experience more fun while you have a fantastic time triumphing over your enemies. The best part of this hack is that you don’t have to spend a single penny to use it.

      Why do you need Clash Royale Cheats?

      Do you find yourself struggling to maintain a balance between real-world responsibilities and the need for entertainment? Or you may simply think putting so much time into a game is not your cup of tea, then you can use this hack to gain an upper edge against millions of other players. A hack software will not only give you all the resources you ever wanted, but will make playing this game, even more, fun by taking out the repetitiveness involved in gathering gold and gems. No longer will you have spend sleepless nights, thinking about strategies to beat your enemies because this amazing tool will help you to stay ahead of your enemies.

      This favorite tool has been developed by a team of enthusiastic gamers like yourself, who understand the need for leveling up fast. This talented coders and programmers were able to modify the algorithm that works in maintaining the resources to give hope to millions of players worldwide, by letting them get as many resources as they want.


      Dozens of benefits will be right at your fingertips if you decide to use Clash Royale Hack. Some of the most significant benefits that you’ll be getting are:

      1. Unlimited resources: You do not have to grind for hours to earn all the necessary resources. By using the Clash Royale Hack tool you’ll be able to generate every type of resources in any amount you want. As soon as you click the ‘Generate’ button, this hack tool will generate unlimited resources and place them at your disposal. You are then free to utilize them as you see fit. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

      2. Android and iOS compatibility: Regardless of your smartphone’s OS, you can breathe easy knowing that this resource generator will work on all types of devices. All you have to do is load up the Hack for iOS or use Clash royale hack android to get all the benefits that this remarkable program has to offer.

      3. Fully functional: Gold, silver, chests, or other magical gems will get loaded to your account for you to use as much as you like. This will help you to win many games, as players all over the world can testify to the fact how much it has helped them in progressing in the later stages. This cheat is completely safe to use and receives regular updates.

      4. No viruses: When you download Clash royale hack apk or use the services directly from a reputed online source, you can stay assured that your device will not be infected with any viruses. This is one of the advantages that has made this hack tool so much popular among millions of Clash Royale fans.

      5. Completely secure: The developers regularly update the Clash Royale Hack no survey base with added layers of security so that you don’t have to face the hack prevention methods released by developers. You use this tool to your heart’s delight and leave the worries about getting banned to people who use illegitimate Hacks.

      6. 100% free to use: CR Hack is completely free to use for gamers all around the world as the developers do not want to make money out of this necessary tool. Unlike many sources that require you to go through surveys, this tool is based on the foundation of no surveys or any offers for verification. Just visit the website and start using this program instantly.

      Instructions for gamers

      Getting started with this generator is very easy, and all you have to do is follow a few simple steps that are mentioned below:

      1. Visit a reputed site that offers hacking software for you to use directly download.

      2. Once you have found the required site for Clash Royale Hack, signing into the website by entering either your Clash Royale username or email ID.

      3. After logging in, just enter the resource amount you want to generate and it will be loaded into your account.

      4. Finally, click on the ‘Accept’ button and wait for the tool to complete hacking in just a few seconds.

      5. If you prefer downloading Hack, then APK files are also available on other websites.

      Ethics and popularity of Clash Royale

      If you have ever faced the dilemma of whether or not to use Clash Royale Hack thinking that it may be unethical, then you can rest easy knowing that you are doing nothing wrong. Using this program is merely a way to bypass the incredibly complicated and tedious leveling up system, and make it more fun to play. Other aspects of the gameplay remain completely the same and you will never feel that you have an unfair advantage over your friends who is not using it. This tool keeps the game completely balanced so that everyone gets a fair chance at victory.

      Discover The Authentic Fifa 16 Coin Generator Fri, 04 Dec 2015 22:01:43 +0000 The latest football season in Fifa 16 has just begun. There are not too many differences when compared to the previous one, yet they are obvious. However, there are also a series of identical things that have not changed at all. Unfortunately, coins are still there to make your life hard. Finding Fifa 16 free coins is a challenge, indeed, but not impossible. These coins will improve your team, but also give you the opportunity to buy the best players on the market. You can make them “naturally” by smart investments while making transfers, but also by using your real money to buy them. All these things become a breeze with a Fifa 16 coin generator though.


      What to Look for


      A brief search over the Internet (including social media networks) will provide access to plenty of free Fifa 16 coins. Basically, anyone can give them out for free. You just need to provide some information about yourself, such as the data account and the password. Just mention how many coins you need and you will get them in no time – or at least so you are promised. It sounds piece of cake, right? Wrong! Fail to do your homework and your free Fifa 16 coins will imply stealing your information and giving you no coins at all. Instead, take your time to use an authentic generator with a good reputation, rather than entrusting your details to any random seller.


      Luckily, a professional Fifa 16 coin generator will not cause any problems. This is not the type of generator that promises the world and only allows tinkerers to afford a Messi or a Rooney for their own teams. When you only demand Fifa 16 free coins and you expect some random people to give them out to you because they are being nice, you better wake up. Chances are you will learn a fraudulent lesson the hard way, so all your current coins become history. Besides, be aware of the fact that even important data can be used wrongfully, such as your payment information – like your credit card or online payment information.


      Spotting the Authentic Fifa 16 Coin Generator


      A real Fifa 16 coin generator works in the other direction. Such a program is specifically developed to keep you safe. You will not have to give out your username and password, just like you do not have to complete surveys with your personal information (for hackers to get your details). It is also free, so no donations or payments must be made upfront. It is easy to use, even if this is the first time you rely on such a tool. In other words, it leaves no room for misinterpretations in terms of safety. Given the fact that it is ban free, it means that you do not take any risks in game either. What can be better than safe Fifa 16 free coins?

      Using the Fifa 16 coin generator is piece of cake. Forget about logging in and sharing details Instead, download the generator and push for coins. What do you need for it? Simple – an Internet connection. It also gets updated regularly, so once again, you will need the Internet in order to perform these updates. If you are continuously connected, these updates will be installed automatically. A good generator for free

      Fifa 16 coins will also be available online and not only for download. However, accessing websites implies actually downloading them into your temporary files, so you will still have to wait for a while to load the generator.


      If there is one thing that you might have to share, that is your email. Fifa 16 coin generator programmers ask for email verification in order to prevent bots from overloading their servers. If you are concerned about personal details, feel free to use a secondary mail that you only use for potentially unsafe situations. There are no risks attached anyway, but this idea is great for your own peace of mind.


      With these aspects in mind, Fifa 16 free coins are only a few minutes away. Stop working hardly and make your life easier since day one. Get your favorite players and start organizing your dream team.


      You can always go check out ultimate cheats for boom beach

      What is the strategy? Thu, 01 Oct 2015 03:01:07 +0000 Many gaming enthusiasts may have heard about game which is incredibly popular game. This game includes some players, and each player need to eat a variety of cells because when they eat cells then only they will get the scores. But the game is not as simple as it seems. Earning the scores is not so easy when you are followed by your rival cells and being consumed by them. But don’t worry; with the help of some tricks you can protect yourself from your big rivals. There is various hack websites and hacks that will protect you from different kind of dangers as well as help you to get nice scores. The hacks are just saviors that will give you full support so you can lead to the scoreboard. Many a time’s gamers need to face lots of problems during the game that is the fast flash of their fingers. Such kind of difficulties can be overcome with the help of hacks.

      Now let’s talk about some tactic that will make your game easy.

      In the beginning, you are required to download the hack application from the internet and after that you have to start playing the game in 15 minutes after downloading the application. This enables you to take the advantages of the tactics like double size, speed, invisibility and of courses zoom.

      These amazing features are required by almost every gamer and the player who got these benefits can go long in the game by protecting herself or himself by being consumed as well as assists in getting good scores. Now, you must be thinking that from where you can get hack applications to get the complete power throughout the play. There are plenty of websites which recommend you various hack applications through which it becomes easy for you to play the game in a secure manner. But it is important to make sure that whatever the website you’ve chosen to download the game must not have any virus and it should give you the advantages for the purpose you’ve decided to download the application. For this reason, you should choose a genuine website that can give you the virus free application. Also, beware of the websites that may illustrate you the entrance that will let you download the hack application but the reality may be different. When you click on such fake websites, they probably will redirect you to a different web page which is not relevant to your search. Hence, better be careful choosing the application and look for the authentic websites which are famous amid the people as well as who are serving for many years.

      You can also look for the hack which is also a very effective tool that will help you to increase your mass, points as well as the delay time.

      So guys! These were some tips for you that let you play for the long run without any dangers or threats. But better be careful at the time of downloading the application.

      Siegefall, a new clone of Clash of Clans is available on the Play Store Fri, 24 Jul 2015 16:03:44 +0000 Gameloft has just put its new title online on the Play Store: Siegefall. Yet another clone of Clash of Clans with game mechanics have been slightly reworked to try to stand out.

      What is the perfect recipe for a good clone Clash of Clans? If one believes Siegefall, we must first take a medieval fantasy universe with nags knights and witches in bustiers tight, add a headquarters including any building takes several minutes and sprinkle it all over some features or less unpublished. You’ll understand Siegefall is clearly not the most original game of the year. His tutorial is identical in every respect to 7249 other clones Clash of Clans released since the start of the year on the Play Store and begins by giving us control of a high-powered army before asking us to manage a base camp packed of bumpkins. Routine.

      Do not be too bad, still we feel that Gameloft has made ​​some efforts to stand out.Furthermore a system of heroic units to hire to make the fights a bit more dynamic, a system crafter cards to cast spells on the battlefield is also present.

      Especially Siegefall seems relatively generous in content . Alongside the possibility of going to destroy the basis of human opponents, the game contains a long single player campaign whose missions are unlocked against some gold coins. A daily reward system however allows not feel obliged immediately to leave the blue card for printing progress. It should also be noted that the graphics, failing to have an original artistic direction, are really successful .

      It is beautiful, colorful and beautifully animated. A real beautiful game in 2015.

      You can download the game from here

      Forge of Empires: The quests of Valentine’s Day 2015 Sun, 01 Mar 2015 16:04:43 +0000 As with previous events, we provide a list of quests you have to perform for the event on Valentine’s Day in the online strategy game. This non-exhaustive list is based on the beta of the event.

      The awards will be random from the beginning to the end of the event …
      Day Robin
      1 Motivate or polish + 14 buildings spend 14 PF
      2 Recruit 2 units (present) or 4 (anterior)
      3 Discover one province
      4 Pay 1000 coins + 4 buildings loot OR buy two sectors
      5 Spend 14 PF in a Grand Monument or research
      6 Motivate or polish + 34 buildings recruit 5 units
      7 Infiltrate 2 sectors


      For quests 1-7 and 9-14, the Sheriff or Marianne asks Robin to finish quests. 8 For the quest, you have to build a residential building your age or the previous two, and Sheriff asked to spend a blacksmith issue.

      Day Robin
      9 Increase the satisfaction of at least 143 + delete 1 unit (present) or 2 (previous)
      10 Build a flowerbed or 4 + decorations finish 5 productions 15min
      11 Finish all commodity production cycles
      12 Negotiate a sector + build a decoration
      13 69 people
      14 Sell ​​or win a tree of love
      Quests for 15 & 16, you will have the choice between fateful Robin or the Sheriff … Good luck!
      Boom Beach: The War of the flames – New Unit Tue, 24 Feb 2015 15:56:55 +0000 You’ll take a hot shot in the mobile game from Supercell with the new combat unit that just came out. The “Scorcher” will barbecuing on his passes and it is not for the barbecue …

      For players who have reached Boom Beach HQ level 18, the new flame thrower is now available. The new fire-breathing tank provides new opportunities in strategy in defense as in attack.

      Besides this new warmer, the publisher Supercell ( Clash of Clans ) also announced that its teams worked graphics and improving other units such as pomegranate who shoots faster, farther, and on a larger radius . In addition, the population of the islands are diversifying, with village and new creatures. The rest of the update mainly concerns some small bug fixes and balance changes varied. Source: Official Forum.

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